July 29, 2006

Haifa Wehbe Defends Her Actions

Although many reprots said that Haifa Wehbe left Lebanon aboard a private jet hours after the sad events started, she says that she did what thousands of Lebanese did to save their families.

Haifa Wehbe defends her actions by saying: 'It angers me that people thought that I was a sell-out! But it was an instinct that made me take my sister & mother & leave, because I wanted to save them!'

Haifa's apartment is just meters away from the Beirut airport, & the night it was bombed was hell for her & her family!

According to her, they took the road to Syria & arrived at Damascus after hours of fear & danger.

Wehbe appeared on Nile TV last week, as she participated in a special program & talked about the circumstances in Lebanon.

This program entitled Ishar Ma3ana -stay up with us-, was dedicated to collecting donations for the Lebanese people.

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