September 18, 2006

Haifa Wahbi accused of plagiarizing

Song writer Sameer Al Taer has submitted a complaint to the Music Composers and Writers Association accusing Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi, writer Nader Abdullah, and the singer’s production company of stealing the title of his song “Ghairt Hayati” (I changed my life).

Sameer claims that he is the owner of the song and had written it especially for prominent Syrian singer Mayada Al Hinawi , who had sang it over ten years ago, adding that it had acquired significant success. He stressed that everyone knows he is the writer of the song and he could not understand why Haifa and Nader would claim otherwise.

Sameer stated that Haifa and Nader were very daring when they used his title for Haifa’s song and believes his rights should be protected stressing that it is not legal for any singer to steal the title of songs by other singers and claim it is an original.

According to the London based weekly, Laha, Sameer insists on taking legal actions against Haifa because he feels his rights as a writer have been violated.

On a different note, Haifa’s concert on the prestigious Carthage Stage in Tunisia witnessed significant success, drawing a crowd of over 13 thousand.

The concert was organized by the Tunisian Youth Foundation and the Tunisian media acclaimed her extraordinary performance.

Haifa expressed her gratitude for the recognition she received for her performance and said she did not expect such a large crowd to attend. She thanked everyone for showing support for her and her country.

Haifa donated a large sum of money toward the reconstruction of south Lebanon, which sustained the most destruction, caused the Israelis. A large portion of the money was allotted to Mahrouna, the singer’s hometown.

Haifa has also promised to support a number of families that have lost their homes and will provide temporary shelters.

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