October 25, 2006

Haifa Wahbi infuriated

An expression of extreme anger appeared on the face of Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi when she was suddenly faced with an embarrassing and personal question by one of the journalists upon her arrival at Cairo Airport. A journalist had asked her if she fasts during the holy month of Ramadan.

Haifa became angry and demanded the photographers at the airport to stop taking filming and then faced the journalist with the signs of anger all over her face and told him that she is a Muslim woman and has since she was a child always fasted during the holy month, as well as during other times during the year.

She added that during the month of Ramadan she follows all the teaching of Islam and is becomes very connected with God.

The journalist on his turn apologized to the singer for his inappropriate question and began asking her general questions.

Haifa held two concerts in Cairo and will hold a third on the first day of the Muslim holiday Eid El Fitr, after which she will return to Lebanon to spend the rest of the holidays with her family.

On a different note, Wahbi appeared as a guest on a program aired on the Lebanese satellite channel ‘New TV’ and refused to be intimidated by host Nishian, known for intimidating his guests by talking about personal matters.

On the program, Haifa appeared very relaxed and did not give Nishian the satisfaction of making her reveal personal matters. Haifa had drawn her lines and refused to go beyond them, asserting, “Personal matters are private.”

When asked about the rumor of wedding bells ringing in the near future she simply said that marriage is something that is determined by faith and when the time is right, and she finds the right person, she will gladly announce the news publicly.

Haifa also made it clear to Nishian not to ask her about people whim whom she has had disputes.
Haifa talked about death and how she fears it will take away those she loves most from her. She also stated that she misses her brother who died at the age of 24, and by his death she lost her sense of real security.

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