December 11, 2006

Haifa Wahbi doubts Elissa's World Music Award

Haifa Wahbi congratulated production company ‘Rotana’ when fellow member Elissa won an award at the 2006 World Music Awards 2006, describing it as a great achievement.

Haifa said that she was not surprised she did not receive the award, although her album sales reached record highs, since she does not “buy awards.”

Doubts have risen regarding the manner in which Elissa received the award. UAE singer Hussein Al Jasmi revealed that he was offered the award for a price of US$1.5 million and he declined.

On a different note, as part of the cancer awareness campaign, Haifa has placed her photograph among thirty famous people in a new book, which she personally autographed during a press conference. The book is titled ‘Breast Friends’ and is being distributed around bookstores worldwide.

The proceeds of the book sales will go directly to different charities that help fight cancer.

“It is extremely important that women are aware of the ways they can detect breast cancer in is early stages and should always be on the alert,” said Haifa.

The singer is placing the final touches on her upcoming album, but has yet to choose a new production company, indicating that she may produce the album on her own.

Despite the numerous offers she received after she ended her contract with ‘Rotana,’ the singer has not expressed interest in a new company.

The new album will be titled “Khalini Ma’ak” (Leave me with you), to which a number of prominent composers from Lebanon and Egypt contributed.

The album will feature at least two songs for children.


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