March 14, 2007

Haifa Wehbe in Oman, Jordan & Morocco

It seems Haifa Wehbe's schedule is very busy during these months; she was in Oman's capital Mascat & held a concert in the Intercontinental hotel for the benefit of Bank Oman.

The concert, which lasted around 2 hours, was attended by about 2000 people.
Haifa then returned to Beirut, where she visited 'St Jude' center or children. This center is for children who suffer from Cancer.

As for Haifa's upcoming plans, she is scheduled to hold a concert on March 30th in Jordan. The concert will be part of the Aqaba Festival.

Then she will be traveling to Morocco, to hold a concert on April 7th on the occasion of the launching of the new radio station 'Radio Cap'.
As for her new album 'Baby Haifa', which will be solely for kids, Haifa is putting the final touches on it.

Haifa's single 'Naughty' will also be part of the new album.

Finally, Haifa will be the guest of the next prime of star academy 4 along with famous Algerian Rai singer Cheb Khaled.


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