March 24, 2007

Tamer Husni to act with Haifa Wehbe

Egyptian singer Tamer Husni has revealed that he will be acting alongside Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi in a new film to be directed by Mohammad Al Sabki. Haifa had also expressed her joy at acting with Tamer and revealed that Tamer is one of her favorite singers.

On a different note, the entertainment world is currently talking about the obvious change in the character of Tamer, especially after he had become close with Islamic precher Amr Khaled. Tamer has announced that he considers Amr to be his role model and looks to him for advice on how to go about his life.

Amr had sent Tamer a gift, which consisted of religious tapes and books, right after he was released from prison. Since Tamer received the gift he has refrained from his usual night life, and is doing all he can to help those in need. In addition, Tamer appeared in his most recent music video without a model, which was his usual style.

Tamer has also taped all of Amr's shows, and was overwhelmed with joy when the latter told him he admired his voice and was very impressed with his talent. Amr also told Tamer that he hopes that Tamer's fans would imitate him in his quest to become closer to God and stay away from commiting sin.

The singer has strongly denied rumors that state that since his change in character he intends on quitting his singing career.

Recently, Husni has miraculously survived a near death experience. The singer was using the elevator at the Journalist Union in Cairo when it suddenly dropped from the fourth floor. Tamer was in the elevator along with singer Shadi Shamel and seven other people.

The accident occured due to a mob of fans that stormed after the singer while he was being honored by the Egyptian newspaper 'Al Moujiz'.

As the mob crowded in, the singer almost fell on the ground leading his brother Hussam to push him immediately away along with his friend Shamel to the elevator. Six of the mob were able to catch the singer and follow him into the elevator that only fits three people leading it to stumble to the ground level floor.

No serious injuries were reported except a slight cut on Tamer's hand.

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